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To the “six legged lion inn“, nowadays turned into a well known restaurant, the “Witwe Bolte”. The old fashioned restaurant is situated in the famous Spittelberg district. The baroque building carries the inscription “Durch dieses Tor im Bogen ist Kaiser Josef II geflogen, 1778” which translates to „through this archway emperor Josef II was thrown out”, a remainder of one of his infamous and notorious visits to the pub.

Please enjoy our delicious Austrian specialities, our seasonal delicacies and our vegetarian viands. Some declare a gourmet heaven, where you can feel the historic atmosphere of the Spittelberg area while sitting calmly in our wonderful and well kept garden or inside in one of our rustic parlors and cozy snuggeries. A glass of our carefully selected red and white wines from all important Austrian wine regions completes every dinner and makes it an unforgettable experience.


Opening hours


From Monday til Friday 11:45 - 15:00 17:30-23:30


Saturday and Sunday: 11:45-23:30





Tel.: +43(1)523 14 50